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March 21, 2018

Log Cabin Cross Country Ski Trails

Log Cabin Ski Trails (see map below):

Race Week Trail Conditions:  As many of you know, the low snowfall at Log Cabin all winter presented some challenges this year. Our hard-working crew was able to get in an EXCELLENT trail on all but the long portion of the Boorman Loop (which still has trees sticking up in it) and the Tom & Jerry (where the lake is, well, more like a lake). So those trails have been cut out of the race this year. The Kids 5K and 10K courses are the same as always, but we have changed the 25K to 2 loops of the main course, adding in the Blonde and Bourcy Backside trails. The 50K will do 3 loops, adding in the Blonde, Backside and the Buckwheat Back Loop/Corkscrew trails. No change in posted start times on race schedule. These maps will be in racer packets at bib pickup in Whitehorse Thursday and in Skagway on Friday. And I repeat, CONDITIONS ARE EXCELLENT for Buckwheat 0032: Live and Let Ski!!!

Reminder to all: the Log Cabin Ski Trails are designated for cross-country skiing only for the safety of everyone – no snow machines on trails please!  The Log Cabin Ski Trails are on BC Forestry land and are maintained by our Log Cabin Ski Society volunteers from Skagway and the Yukon. The parking lot is on Parks Canada land, and outhouses in the winter are maintained by LCSS. Here is a link to the 2017-2018 Winter Weekend Schedule from Parks Canada and an article about Winter Use in the Chilkoot Trail historic sites area.


Dyea Trails Report:

Dyea back to its slushy, icy, messy self. Unless we get another dump, likely done for the season.

Also check out this SKI CLUB FLYER 2018 from the Skagway Ski Club.

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For updated trail information, call The Mountain Shop at 907-983-2544.

Check out the Log Cabin Ski Trails Map courtesy of BC Forestry! 

Log Cabin Cross Country Ski Trails