2015 Preliminary Results


Congrats to our 2015 Special Award Winners:

Des Duncan Award (volunteer appreciation): Paul Reichert of Skagway, who leads our aid station crew year after year
Father Mouchet Award (most inspirational skier): The kids from Team Quebec!
Best Costume Award: Jill Delaney, whose Three-Eyed Raven costume was the most creative amongst a great number of costumes for our “Winter is Coming, John Snow” theme . Kudos also to Dany the dragon lady and her entourage, and all the other dragon skiers. It was magical.
Miss Buckwheat 2015: Emerlee Jared, the first daughter of a Miss Buckwheat, Kaitlyn Surdyk, who was proposed to by Colten Jared the same night right after the crowning of their daughter.
LCSS Member Drawing Top Prize: Set of Atomic skis donated by the Mountain Shop: John Briner.


2014 Results


Congrats to our 2014 Special Award Winners:

Des Duncan Award (volunteer appreciation): Matt O’Boyle who was an exemplary trail crew member this year.
Father Mouchet Award (most inspirational skier): Joel Luet, who assisted trail crew setting track till 9 p.m. the night before the race and then skied 25K on race day.
Best Costume Award: Sunshine Giesbrecht, whose “Rocket Girl” costume was the most creative of the bunch. Kudos also to the Polar Bear and the Clown Girl. All can be seen in Andrew Cremata’s photo album on our Facebook page.
Miss Buckwheat 2014: Klover Cinocco of Skagway.
Drawing Winners: LCSS Member Drawing for set of Atomic skis donated by the Mountain Shop: Meagan Deuwng; 50/50 for our Warming Hut Fund: Sean Layton pocketed $610.


Official 2013 Results

Congrats to Des Duncan Award recipient Katherine Nelson of the Skagway Rec. Center, and to our four-month old Miss Buckwheat 2013Isabella Plant of Whitehorse!

2012 Buckwheat Ski Classic Final Results (pdf file-17 pages)

And the winners are:

50K Men – 1. Dave Brock, Whitehorse, 3:09:15; 2. Stephen Wattereus, Whitehorse, 3:17:44; 3. Marcus Wattereurs, Whitehorse, 3:18:12.

50K Women: 1. Theresa White, Smithers BC, 3:39:41; 2. Sara Nielsen, Whitehorse, 4:04:15; 3. Verena Koenig, Whitehorse, 4:20:03.

25K Men: 1. Chris Schmidt, Whitehorse, 1:29:15; 2. Caelan McLean, Whitehorse, 1:33:57; 3. Trevor Bray, Whitehorse, 1:36:46.

25K Women: 1. Pippa Lawson, Whitehorse, 1:49:34; 2. Leslie Doran, Whitehorse, 1:50:22; 3. Lois Johnston, Whitehorse, 1:51:24.

10K Men: 1. Ian Hogeboom-Burr, Whitehorse, 36:53; 2. Simon Cash, Whitehorse, 36:55; 3. Rob Rees, Whitehorse, 38:14.

10K Women: 1. Cambria Fuerstner, Whitehorse, 39:07; 2. Meagan Wilson, Whitehorse, 41:50; 3. Eliza Paul, 44:30.

5K Boys 11-12: 1. Liam Mather, Whitehorse, 24:25; 2. Sam Fleming, Whitehorse, 35:35; 3. Alex Roberts, Whitehorse, 35:39.

5K Girls 11-12: 1. Savannah Cash, Whitehorse, 27:43; 2. Dagmar Janzen, Whitehorse, 32:44; Pascale Halliday, Whitehorse, 48:22.

5K Boys 10 and under: 1. Nichollis Schmidt, Whitehorse, 26:02; 2. Ben Shier, Whitehorse, 30:29; 3. Micah Taggart-Cox, Marsh Lake, 30:29.

5K Girls 10 and under: 1. Sofia Bond, Whitehorse, 28:44; 2. Sonjaa Schmidt, 30:19; 3. Dahlia LaPointe, Whitehorse, 30:27.

Des Duncan Award for Volunteer Service and Sportsmanship: Mike Konsler, Skagway

Miss Buckwheat 2012: Mina Yee, Skagway.



For past BSC results visit The Skagway News and click on the BSC link at the bottom of the home page. The 26th annual Buckwheat Ski Classic race results will be posted here the day after the event on March 25, 2012.